anatomy of something for nothing

Being that I host one of the biggest cricket blogs in the world, several times a week I receive some form of correspondence that claims it will help my readers.

They are usually something like competitions, books, other websites, or mobile phone gadgets.

This is pretty common for larger blogs.

PR guys get some lackey to go through and find all the blogs on their product’s field, and then they send a patronising bulk email and assume the bloggers will fall over themselves to flog the product.

The great kiwi blog sportreview has talked about this before.

But recently I received one that I just had to repost, mostly because it goes further than just saying my readers will like it.

I have deleted the name of the company, because fuck them if they are getting a free plug (even if I am bagging them), for nothing.

Hi there,

With the ashes fast approaching I thought you may be interested in having a guest blogger, who also writes on blah blah, write some articles for your site.

By the way, how are you enjoying the World Twenty 20 so far? I’m still in shock after the Netherlands defeat!!

Obviously this would be free to you, all I would ask in return is to place a few links, leading to the most appropriate pages of, within the article.

Let me know if you are interested and we can start talking in detail.


Let us talk a fine look at this.

  1. Anyone who has ever even glanced at my site will know I write 4 or 5 times a day and don’t need anyone to fill the column space, these PR hacks have not looked at my site. FAIL
  2. Then the personal touch about the dutch win, which would work great if this was not an obvious group email as it is not personally addressed to me, and I have been BCC’d in. FAIL
  3. Look how this is marketed to me, ‘this would be free to you’, are there amateur blogs who pay corporations to write for them? Even if I was a major professional blog, if a corporation came to me and offered to write for me I wouldn’t be fucking paying them.
  4. The catch: This is an ad for their corporation (even a blind deaf mute boy band member could work that out), which is fair enough, so why dress it up as a favour to me. If you want to advertise on my site, fair enough, but don’t pretend it is anything less than that. This isn’t a favour you fucken tightwads, this is a free ad for you guys. And by taking these free blogs from this corporate writer I am a chance to alienate my fan base as the uber talanted John found out.

Blogging has now become a business, but trying to find anyone who will pay you for it is hard.

These big companies think we are all fucken retards who are walking around with our heads up our own ass bumping into shit.

Sure I bump into things from time to time, but generally I take my head outta my ass when I am reading emails from parasetic corporations offering me free services.

Blogs are our generations pop culture newspapers, and fuck this mob if they want to shit over my piece of popular culture with a poorly written boring unpaid for ad.

Be proud of your blog, bloggers, you are creating a piece of something, and you don’t need some corporation’s bag man to make it any better.

Don’t let anyone piss in your face and tell you it is raining, unless you like that sort of stuff.


10 Responses to anatomy of something for nothing

  1. Spotreview? Is that kind of like:

    “Well, I was eating a massive tin of spicy tuna at my desk in the office, as usual, and whatdoya know, I got a spot on my strides!

    It’s a nice even shape, and a brownish, reddish yellowish kind of colour that should look even more awesome once I’ve rubbed in a bit. That’ll never come out, 7/10”.

    Or, it could just be a typo.

  2. Suave says:

    These fuckers, even went so low as to ask, dear Suavey. The cheap cunts.

  3. David Barry says:

    I got an email from one of those guys a while back (err, when I actually updated my blog). It was personalised – he talked about statistics, and offered to write articles about the use of statistics in betting. I replied, saying that I was open to the idea, but that I’d want to check it before publishing to see that the stats were actually interesting, and talked about analysis of the markets, etc.

    Basically I was hoping that he’d make it easier for me to exploit inefficiencies in the betting market and get a nice little side-income from that, and I was probably not much more subtle about it than he was in wanting to advertise.

    Having seen their sort of bland wannabe-mainstream writing on a few other blogs, I’m happy he never replied to my last email.

    • Jrod says:

      Th best one I got was personalised and it was to state cricket, and he said he would like to help put with some content. I said no problems, but how can you, an Englishman, write about state cricket in Australia as that is all the site talks about, and he said he’d do an ashes preview for me.

  4. I mean, I have some text ads on my site, some in the body of the posts even. I felt funny about it but decided fuck it, take the cash. It’s just motivation to bash out more posts and get them off the front page.

    Still, no way to ‘guest bloggers’. Fuck that. Double fuck that to doing it for free.

    • Jrod says:

      I have no problem with bloggers making money from link ads, I make money every month from them. But they should make money from them, not give them away for free for a bit of bland content.

  5. John says:

    Ya JRod. They suck. But I was able to get out of a smallish hole once because it got me some (a very tiny amount) money. But my blog suffered because of it.

    • Jrod says:

      At least you got paid from it, lots do it for no money at all. And you should never let your blog suffer, it should be licked clean every night before you go to bed.

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